Temi Ogunnoiki

weather changes

Anytime I complain about the cold, I get reminded I chose to come to Michigan from the tropics. But before actually living in the snow, I thought I would love it. Now, not so much. lol.

Don't get me wrong, the snow is beautiful, magical and worth the experience. I know a number of people who love it, and especially love the idea of living in what feels like a snow globe, and probably really don't mind the cold. I'm just not one of them.

 View from outside my apartment building.

View from outside my apartment building.

The good news is that the snow doesn't last forever. We get all four weathers here in Michigan, it's pretty awesome. Winter, spring, summer & fall.

My favorite of course being summer, 'cause sum is always equal to fun. 

And then there's spring which I like second because of spring break, but then daylight savings and losing one hour of sleep out of no where is pretty weird. But the sight of melting snow gives me hope.

Fall is actually also very pretty with the leaves changing color and what not, and we gain one hour of sleep due to daylight savings. It's awesome!

Thought I'd just share.