Temi Ogunnoiki

Calvin stories: Why I love Calvin

Today we'll be answering the question:

Why what, you may ask? I think the heading gave it away. I thought I'd get a few Calvin students' stories on why they chose Calvin, to give you other views on why people love it here!

Tosan Eresanara '17

Lagos, Nigeria

Despite my reluctance to come here at the beginning, Calvin became a place that fueled my desire to explore the world. It challenged every part of my faith and helped me discover for myself what I believed, and why I believed what I did. Being so far away from home was difficult at first, but knowing how much I've grown and have come to love who I am, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Cyndi Claucherty '17

Sterling Heights, Michigan

The aspect that made Calvin stand out when I was searching for colleges was the encouraging and friendly atmosphere on campus. This has only increased throughout my time because the professors have been engaging, encouraging and enthusiastic, and the rest of the staff and faculty on campus have challenged me academically and spiritually. These are the factors Calvin has incorporated into this environment that have kept me here for all four years of my schooling.




Mary Shin '18

Seoul, South Korea

Calvin provides the best environment for me to explore so much more than my major (violin performance). I am grateful to have a minor in philosophy and to learn about God's world through all the core classes I get to take. #LiberalArtsForLife

Ana Estrella Besteman '18

Santiago De Los Caballeros, Santiago, Dominican Republic

Here I have found a community that has shown me what it means to think, care and love deeply. All of this being done in a space where honesty is invited and we can learn from our mistakes while continuing to strive to live good lives.


Kimo Cox '18

Chicago, Illinois

What kept me at Calvin was the support and love I felt from the faculty/staff and my peers. They didn't let me bear what was happening in the world around me alone.


Shiny Samuel '19

Pondicherry, India

The people I met at Calvin are one of the biggest reasons why I love it here. I found genuine fellowship—not everyone may look like you or think like you, but they are willing to live in community with you.


Shurjo Maitra '18

Beijing, China

Calvin has provided me great emotional and financial support. I've made great friends, and have had the opportunities to have great adventures with them. Also, it's been pretty affordable with the financial packages and scholarships.