Temi Ogunnoiki

2017 stepping out of my comfort zone: Sem Pond Jump

Hey guys, it has been a minute. Though I expected not to be extremely busy with school, I am quite busy with all the many extra curricular activities I always tend to commit to. But I thought I would involve you guys in my life.

This 2017, I decided to intentionally step out of my comfort zone. Why?

Lol, no nothing deep, just thought I'd try things out, life is too short and you only live once.  

Earlier last week, my friend Charlotte was going to do the Cold Knight Plunge this year—or Sem Pond Jump, as it is popularly known.  She asked if I wanted to, and I was like, "I have nothing to lose, so why not? Let's do this." 

The cold Knight Plunge is one of Calvin's traditions where people jump into the freezing pond in February. Why do we do that? I actually have no idea. But it is worth experiencing. Feels like an ice bath, except it's more thrilling 'cause you jump in. Here's a video of Charlotte and I "jumping" in. 

I apologize in advance for the horrible quality of the video, and my very poor quality "jump." Judge me not.

And here are our victory before and after pictures.

Oh and you get a towel too for participation (as pictured above). If you do it for all four years, you get a "GOLDEN" towel. (It's really just a yellow towel, but it has a really cool embroidery on the side.)

FINALLYYYYY, life is too short and college is the time you get to try cool new exciting stuff; be sure to take advantage of them.