Temi Ogunnoiki

Calvin Communities

If you stop a random person who goes Calvin and ask what is their favorite thing about being in Calvin is, they would probably say the professors, then the community. But I think community is of utmost importance. 

Not that Community, but I must say I do LOVE Abed & Troy!!

Here at Calvin College, the idea of having a safe space to thrive is something the school values a lot, and therefore emphasizes. I found out that in order to stay stable, since college can be a challenge to balance, you need a community.  Here are a few I'm a part of. They include student organizations and living communities, for some of which I am on the leadership team. Around these people I find support.

International Student Association Committee: Weird name, having "Association" and "Committee." As an international student, this is the first group of people you encounter, 'cause you have a separate (SUPER FUN) orientation with them. It's so awesome; they become your first family.

African Student Association: Well, as the name might tell you, this student organization is usually the second home for Africans. Especially if you miss food from home, during the events there is always African food and a bunch of people who can relate to whatever you're going through. It just a nice community to make familiar friends.

Knollcrest East housing community: This community is a housing option for upperclassmen. It's basically apartment buildings; each apartment has a kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom. It's a great place to feel a bit independent, but not alone. We do fun things like Mud Bowl, where all the buildings come together to compete for a cup (like the Olympics, but in the MUD). It's really fun!

ReigKnight: There's a student org group on campus called ReigKnight, cause we're knights, get it? Punnnyyyy. Anyway, the student org was created for students to meet once a month to worship through singing, dancing and prayer. It's a lovely, welcoming, homey community. One for spiritual building, so I find it comforting. 

My various workplaces: I currently have about three jobs, where all of them I feel like the people I work with have become family. We talk about our lives, give each other advice and share laughs. That's even how I got to know one of my now–best friends better.

National Society of Black Engineers: This year, I am fortunate enough to be the president of this organization. It's wonderful because it's a place for support, growth, food and enjoyable company. The organization is mainly to help encourage minority engineers. It's awesome!

Here at Calvin, I honestly feel like there's a place for everyone, which is the best feeling ever—especially when you are miles away from home!