Temi Ogunnoiki

Rihanna Miracle

I know I sound totally obsessed, maybe I am... Just a little bit. She's just a queen in her own self.

A little back story on my Rihanna miracle. I am a die-hard Rihanna fan--if you can't tell already.  I had my mind made up that when I came to America, I had to go to her concert. I was so determined to that I put it on my bucket list.

So once I heard she was going on tour, I immediately bought my ticket to go see her in Detroit. The concert was scheduled to be on a Thursday, but we had Easter holiday the next day. It was the perfect timing! Take note, this was November 2015 and the concert was in March 2016 - this was to show you how dedicated I was. 

I currently don't have a car, but I was so determined to get to Detroit. I asked many people, but there was no luck. There were also no rides going straight to Auburn Hills, so I was stuck. I considered taking an Uber all the way there. But being an average college kid, that was not even feasible option. There I was, stranded, watching my dreams fade before my eyes, as I started to loose hope. 

It was March now, and I still hadn't found a way to get there. Almost a week or two before the concert, I had no choice but to sell my ticket. I had completely given up hope, and put my mind off of it.

That was until March 24, the day of the concert. I had had the most stressful day ever, I was just done tutoring when I overheard a group of friends discussing the Rihanna concert. It had totally escaped my mind the concert was that night, then I remembered with sadness.

I started to tell them about how I had a ticket and sold it - with tears in my eyes.

Then one of them said if I got a ticket I could come with them. Oh, the joy! Mind you - it was about 2 hours before the start of the concert, which was about two hours away. Luckily for me, I was still mourning and had refused to spend the money I got from selling the ticket. So, I used that to get another ticket.

And so, it all worked out. Next thing I knew, I was in the car with a bunch of friends, all SUPER excited to see Rihanna. That night I sang and screamed to my heart's content as it was all so surreal.

 Me, throughout the ride to Auburn Hills.

Me, throughout the ride to Auburn Hills.

I was extremely thankful to God, for making everything work out, and I'm still in awe a whole month later.

P.S: She's even MORREEEE beautiful in person!

Love, RihannaNavyyyy.