Temi Ogunnoiki

Service Learning Spring Break

When coming to college I thought my first spring break would be this:

But it was more like this:

Which seems equally as interesting. I'm sure you're wondering, but there's a perfectly good explanation for the fire behind--we were working on the farm, and they were clearing the land, which meant they had to burn some weeds and unwanted stuff. It was just a part of the process.

Spring break was actually more like this:

My friends and I decided to go on a service-learning trip for spring break. It was led by a student leader, Tosan and a mentor, Amanda Greenhoe, and organized by Calvin's Service-Learning Center. Eight of us drove all the way to Mendenhall, Mississippi. It was the longest 15 hours, but it was fun! The trip was organized to help the community with racial reconciliation, and also to learn a thing or two about it. So, we stayed at the local volunteer center and helped out in the community:

  • on the farm, since that's where they get most of their food
  • at the local schools (kindergarten and grade school)
  • the community areas, like the computer center and basketball court

This trip was one of the many trips Calvin's Service-Learning Center organizes during spring break to give students opportunities to serve communities both near and far. It was a nice time to make a difference, get volunteer hours, meet new people, experience different cultures and also have a nice spring break. Outside the schedule we did fun activities like touring the area, going to the lake, seeing movies, meeting John Perkins and so on. We even got our picture IN THE PAPER and felt like mini-celebrities! 

The little things like experiencing true Southern hospitality - someone paid for our groceries - made this one to remember!

If you want to know more about Calvin's Service-Learning opportunities you can visit https://www.calvin.edu/slc/opportunities/. We even made it to the school's website!