Temi Ogunnoiki

Spring Semester '16

It's spring semester, and surprisingly the weather has been an awesome reminder! From Phil the groundhog, the Groundhog Club emcee has predicted "There is no shadow to be cast! An early spring is my forecast!" What a joy?

There is so much coming up this semester! I must say I am pretty excited, but that I might be overwhelmed by all these activities. As seniors get ready to graduate and while struggling with senioritis (definition: the feeling seniors get when they are on the verge of graduation, so they feel less obliged to do certain things), the rest of the school is getting pumped about all the events to come this semester!

I must say, I am most excited about Rangeela. In case you are wondering what that is as well:

Since 1996, Rangeela, Calvin’s annual international student variety show, has been one of the highlights of the college calendar. Calvin has the 5th largest international student population of any liberal arts college in the USA—as well as all of Michigan—and Rangeela, a pageant of costume, music, rhythm, and drama, is that community’s gift to both Calvin and the community beyond the college.

Rangeela (Hindi for “colorful”) is put together by a committee of international students, supported by the International Student Development Office. It consistently sells out two consecutive nights each year in the Fine Arts Center.
— International Student Development Office, Calvin College.

And yes, it is a really big deal to us here at Calvin College. Of course, there's also dance guild, and all the other fun stuff from student orgs that happened last semester, plus Spring Break. I really am excited for school! I hope you are too. By God's grace, it's going to be a lovely semester.

Wishing everyone luck,