Temi Ogunnoiki

Sem Pond Jump - Cold Knight Plunge

Hello people, 

This last weekend, Calvin College had one of its busiest weekends of the semester. There was the Rivalry game against Hope College (our rival school), ongoing Black History Month activities like the showing of Straight Outta Compton (I absolutely love that movie!) and of course, a campus traditions: the Sem Pond Jump, also known as the Cold Knight Plunge.

The Sem Pond Jump is basically jumping into the frozen-over pond by the seminary in the middle of February, after waiting in a long line for minutes, sometimes an hour. This tradition dates back 18 years! Why do we do this? I can't exactly tell you, because no one actually knows. It's mostly for the thrill. Even the president of the college does it! Here's a video:

If you're able to do it all four years of college, you get the Golden Towel. Well, it's not really golden, but it's pretty close. According to Chimes, "More than 2,000 people have jumped at least once at some point in the Sem Pond tradition as of 2014." The Sem Pond Jump is just one of those college traditions you do for the thrill!