Temi Ogunnoiki


This is my second-ever Thanksgiving in America. As you can guess, we don't celebrate thanksgiving back home in Nigeria, but we do Christmas. (Best season of the whole year!)

Since this concept of Thanksgiving was all new to me, I had to ask myself what it all meant before being able to a part of the celebration. Did it really mean more than turkey, pies, cranberry, ham? But yes, it does mean great food, which we are thankful for.

 When it's dinner time.

When it's dinner time.

Someone once described Thanksgiving to me as "Giving thanks for the stuff you have, just to get more stuff on Black Friday." It makes perfect sense, right? 

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, some professors in the class had us take time to reflect on what we are thankful for this year, which caused me consciously think about and be grateful for all the opportunities I usually take for granted. I even gave out thank you cards, which people appreciated way more than I expected.

This Thanksgiving, I visited family in North Carolina, and it was the best time ever. Keep in mind, I had never met these people, but I felt perfectly knitted into the family. I went Black Friday shopping and tried a lot of great food--fell into food comas a few times-and the weather was 70 degrees. Perfect.

I look back, and I am still thankful to God for all the Thanksgiving joy. Also, Christmas is coming soon.

What were you thankful for this thanksgiving?