Temi Ogunnoiki

Dance Guild

As you can tell from a few of my posts, I dance. I really like dancing. It's actually my favourite hobby.

Here at Calvin there are a number of activities where one can enjoy dancing as a talent. If you don't want to major in it, or have time to take the class, Calvin provides extra-curricular activities like Dance Guild. 

Dance Guild is a very big deal here at Calvin and one of our many traditions. It involves a whole lot of dancers, from people who have no experience to professional dancers. It's ALWAYS so much fun to be in it and to watch, and it's an awesome awesome way to make friends. Here's a dance from last year, for you to see what it was like.

Awesome, right? I know.

This year, I was a part of the African Dance. Here's a picture of my crew. 

We opened the show and killed it.

If you ever want to check it out, the show is open to the public and happens once every semester. It's worth it, trust me!