Temi Ogunnoiki

Why Calvin?

As you all know, applying to college can be so stressful. At least for me it was! Plus, there were essays that had to be written...oh so many essays!

I heard about Calvin from my mum's friend, whose children go here. At first I didn't even want to consider Calvin as an option because I wondered: 

  1. What are the benefits of going to a Christian college? 
  2. Will Calvin be too small of a college for me? 
  3. Will I fit in as a woman of color? 
  4. How will I deal with the weather? It's REALLY cold in the winter! 
  5. What are the advantages of studying engineering in a liberal arts school?  
 Before I heard I was going to Calvin.

Before I heard I was going to Calvin.

 After I learned I was going to Calvin.

After I learned I was going to Calvin.

But I was convinced to apply anyway, so I did. And, as you may have guessed, I got in. I still wasn't thinking I would actually come to Calvin, but I started to learn more.

I was told how beautiful and peaceful the campus was, but I was only able to experience this with the views I saw from Google Maps because, like most international students, I couldn't visit ahead of time. 

So why did I end up choosing Calvin? I actually didn't. My parents did.  

Now, as a sophomore, I believe they made the best decision for me. At the time, they knew me better than I knew myself. I found something out in my first year: Calvin is awesome. And the people here? Even more awesome.

I've come to love the little things:

  1. Calvin makes you WONDER every day about new ideas and new perspectives.
  2. There are countless opportunities to do so much! I love getting involved and, as a bonus, it is quickly building my resume. It's also a blessing to be able to explore my interests beyond my major.
  3. The environment is so friendly, it's infectious. It even gets to the faculty members.
  4. A liberal arts education is FUN. And no, I'm not kidding. It truly makes you well-rounded and allows you to make connections across different areas of life.
  5. Despite Calvin being a Christian college it doesn't force religion on you. Believe it or not, we have a number of non-Christians. It's just if you chose to build your Christian faith they are here to help! Also, it makes the professors nicer. :) 

So, even though I couldn't have predicted it when filling out my application, I love being a Calvin Knight!