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What's your talent?

Many of us would agree that talent shows should end after high school. But hey, some things never get too corny for you, like talent shows or applesauce. (I like applesauce.)

  Less like this.

Less like this.

  More like this.

More like this.

Here at Calvin, a show is put on every year called Calvin's Got Talent, which if you can't tell by now is a talent show. This year, I finally had the opportunity to go. And as you'd expect, it's like your basic talent show with singing, dancing, playing instruments, two of those things, or all three, or weird stuff people can do with their bodies. There was one very different act though, it was an improv. I've never seen someone showcase that as a talent before—it was hilarious, in the 'I'm meant to make you laugh' kind of way. Oh, and at the end of the show, we all got to vote via text for the winner. Did I mention the winner gets $350? Okay. THE WINNER GETS $350! Mad, I know.

Anyway, the show was amazing, and it's always a joy seeing people display what God has instilled in them. So, I'm sharing a few of them with you, including the one from the winning team.

Calvin stories: Why I love Calvin

Today we'll be answering the question:

Why what, you may ask? I think the heading gave it away. I thought I'd get a few Calvin students' stories on why they chose Calvin, to give you other views on why people love it here!

Tosan Eresanara '17

Lagos, Nigeria

Despite my reluctance to come here at the beginning, Calvin became a place that fueled my desire to explore the world. It challenged every part of my faith and helped me discover for myself what I believed, and why I believed what I did. Being so far away from home was difficult at first, but knowing how much I've grown and have come to love who I am, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Cyndi Claucherty '17

Sterling Heights, Michigan

The aspect that made Calvin stand out when I was searching for colleges was the encouraging and friendly atmosphere on campus. This has only increased throughout my time because the professors have been engaging, encouraging and enthusiastic, and the rest of the staff and faculty on campus have challenged me academically and spiritually. These are the factors Calvin has incorporated into this environment that have kept me here for all four years of my schooling.




Mary Shin '18

Seoul, South Korea

Calvin provides the best environment for me to explore so much more than my major (violin performance). I am grateful to have a minor in philosophy and to learn about God's world through all the core classes I get to take. #LiberalArtsForLife

Ana Estrella Besteman '18

Santiago De Los Caballeros, Santiago, Dominican Republic

Here I have found a community that has shown me what it means to think, care and love deeply. All of this being done in a space where honesty is invited and we can learn from our mistakes while continuing to strive to live good lives.


Kimo Cox '18

Chicago, Illinois

What kept me at Calvin was the support and love I felt from the faculty/staff and my peers. They didn't let me bear what was happening in the world around me alone.


Shiny Samuel '19

Pondicherry, India

The people I met at Calvin are one of the biggest reasons why I love it here. I found genuine fellowship—not everyone may look like you or think like you, but they are willing to live in community with you.


Shurjo Maitra '18

Beijing, China

Calvin has provided me great emotional and financial support. I've made great friends, and have had the opportunities to have great adventures with them. Also, it's been pretty affordable with the financial packages and scholarships.

weather changes

Anytime I complain about the cold, I get reminded I chose to come to Michigan from the tropics. But before actually living in the snow, I thought I would love it. Now, not so much. lol.

Don't get me wrong, the snow is beautiful, magical and worth the experience. I know a number of people who love it, and especially love the idea of living in what feels like a snow globe, and probably really don't mind the cold. I'm just not one of them.

 View from outside my apartment building.

View from outside my apartment building.

The good news is that the snow doesn't last forever. We get all four weathers here in Michigan, it's pretty awesome. Winter, spring, summer & fall.

My favorite of course being summer, 'cause sum is always equal to fun. 

And then there's spring which I like second because of spring break, but then daylight savings and losing one hour of sleep out of no where is pretty weird. But the sight of melting snow gives me hope.

Fall is actually also very pretty with the leaves changing color and what not, and we gain one hour of sleep due to daylight savings. It's awesome!

Thought I'd just share.


2017 stepping out of my comfort zone: Sem Pond Jump

Hey guys, it has been a minute. Though I expected not to be extremely busy with school, I am quite busy with all the many extra curricular activities I always tend to commit to. But I thought I would involve you guys in my life.

This 2017, I decided to intentionally step out of my comfort zone. Why?

Lol, no nothing deep, just thought I'd try things out, life is too short and you only live once.  

Earlier last week, my friend Charlotte was going to do the Cold Knight Plunge this year—or Sem Pond Jump, as it is popularly known.  She asked if I wanted to, and I was like, "I have nothing to lose, so why not? Let's do this." 

The cold Knight Plunge is one of Calvin's traditions where people jump into the freezing pond in February. Why do we do that? I actually have no idea. But it is worth experiencing. Feels like an ice bath, except it's more thrilling 'cause you jump in. Here's a video of Charlotte and I "jumping" in. 

I apologize in advance for the horrible quality of the video, and my very poor quality "jump." Judge me not.

And here are our victory before and after pictures.

Oh and you get a towel too for participation (as pictured above). If you do it for all four years, you get a "GOLDEN" towel. (It's really just a yellow towel, but it has a really cool embroidery on the side.)

FINALLYYYYY, life is too short and college is the time you get to try cool new exciting stuff; be sure to take advantage of them.



Student Leader Profile: Christian Rodriguez

Name: Christian Rodriguez

Major: international relations & psychology (minors and specializations: business, Spanish, pre-law)

Hometown: Miami, FL

High School: Mater Academy Charter High School


Fav Food: Chicken Cordon Bleu

Fav Color: white and royal blue (equally) 

Fav. Class: International Cooperation and Conflict (POLS 207) with Professor McBride.

Most embarrassing Calvin memory: Being from Miami, FL, I had never seen snow in my life. The first time I saw snow all of my friends were documenting my reactions on their phones. Till this day, they still show me the videos.

Christian is one of the many exemplary Calvin students, who are constantly making an impact at Calvin. He proves there are endless opportunities here, and continues to take advantage of them.

christian 2.jpg

Advice to prospective students:

  • Be open-minded.
  • Be organized.
  • Take as many courses as you can your first year. You will begin to notice what you really enjoy and might even change or add a major/minor.
  • Talk to professors and build friendships with them.

Campus Involvement: Orientation Leader, Student Senate [Vice President of Administration], On-Campus Job [Career Center as a Career Ambassador]

Best Calvin Memory: the friendships I got to build with my honors cluster class: History of the West and World I (HIST 151) and Introduction to the History of Art (ARTH 101). I met many wonderful students and till today we still remain great friends. We also went to Chicago as a class. Professor Luttikhuizen and Professor Kim unquestionably made both classes very enjoyable and welcoming.

spring semester

Welcome, welcome to another semester!

For the first time ever I am excited to say I will be taking just 12 credits! Lit lit lit. Now I have time to do all I want to do!


I was going to take classes for fun, but didn't find any that fit my schedule. Oh, and to make things nicer, I don't have class on Thursdays! I'm pretty excited, if you can't already tell. The only downside is having to have an 8:00 a.m. class, but so far it's not been bad at all. Hoping for better the rest of the semester.

 Fingers crossed.

Fingers crossed.

So this semester, I will be trying out new things, and will keep you up to date with that. A lot of my friends are graduating, I'm excited for them, but a bit sad I'm not graduating too. Lol. Anyway, this has caused me to start thinking about my plan after graduation.

I'm sure you're thinking TOO EARLY, but since I have time, might as well!

Beyonce is having twins and there's already a gif for it! 

Looking forward to what the semester holds. Here's some fairy dust for good luck!


And we're back.

Hello people, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas break as much as I did? 

Well, if you must know, I spent my Christmas in the Bahamas, and I must say it was a lovely experience. Sand, sun, 80 degree weather, swimsuits, coconuts, carnivals, family, what more could you ask for? It was awesome and refreshing! Thankful to God for it.

Before I left, everyone asked what I was doing for Christmas, when I told them they gushed, and asked who I was going with—expecting a friend or a significant other—but they were more shocked when I said I was going alone. See, I have an aunt who lives there with her daughter, so I got best of both worlds: family and a vacation.

I learned so much and got to each such nice food—you know how much I love food. Anyway, here are a few pictures so you can be jealous of my fun time. 

Cheers to a new year!


why I chose my major

If I got a penny for every time I have been asked this question, maybe I would have about $600 dollars precisely. So, I thought I would share the story and hopefully this reduces the number of times I am asked. 

 This would literally be me.

This would literally be me.

I'm not going to give you a basic story of how I always loved math and science. Actually my story is quite the opposite. I really wanted to be a lawyer, why? 'Cause I loved history and all the stories that were told. I enjoyed stories really, so I thought I could be a lawyer. Thinking about it now, I really have no idea why I thought that was a perfect correlation, because clearly I am more math inclined.

Anyway, I argued with my mum over a whole summer on which direction to take until she finally convinced me that engineering was for me, and I just found it too daunting to admit. 

I have to admit though, I was always fascinated by how little pieces of metal on a circuit board could cause things to light up. I was always so excited to help my dad out with little projects, especially ones that involved soldering. (He's and electrical engineer as well.)  

 Oh, what joy!

Oh, what joy!

 My reaction when I get a perfect bubble and remember not to burn myself!

My reaction when I get a perfect bubble and remember not to burn myself!

Electrical engineering isn't all about soldering; it has a lot of this, too:

 Yes, circuit boards. Lol.

Yes, circuit boards. Lol.

On a more serious note, I chose engineering because I felt it would be the easiest way for me to make my impact on the world, no matter how small. Plus, it pays the bills when college is done.


closer look at student orgs: Calvin's Student Video Production Club

I thought I should do something different for my blog post this time. So, I talked to a friend who is very into making cool videos and is part of a student organization on campus called Student Video Production (SVP). I thought the club was so cool, I had to feature it on my blog! I wanted to do a written interview, but since they make video, they thought they'd make one to show off some skills. Hope you like it!

If you are interested in joining the club, they meet every Friday at 4:15 p.m. in Hiemenga Hall 221. You need no prior experience.

Also visit Mimi Metusa's blog: www.mimimetusa.com


Trick or Treat

Okay, maybe only treats, 'cause that's what we're allowed to give the kids. 

Every Halloween in the Knollcrest East apartments, on the other side of campus, kids from the neighborhood come trick or treating. All the different apartment buildings get decorated with  different themes of their choice. Here, take a look:

This was the best decorated building according to kids. The building was Tangled theme—the Disney movie—and it was beautiful. For those of you who haven't seen it, you really should—I've seen it at least 5 times, lol. It's kind of like the story of Rapunzel. 

Other themes included; Star Wars (which came second), Lion King, superheroes, Monsters Inc., Moana and Minecraft. Here are some more pictures;

I dressed up as Rosa Parks for Halloween, and handed candy to the kids. It was so much fun just to see their faces light up, and their costumes were so cute!!

Here, look again:

Hope you had a happy and safe Halloween!

Dating at Calvin College

Warning: This post is a parody. Some things are exaggerated, so don't take them too seriously.

I'm not sure how high the probability of finding your spouse in normal colleges is, but in Christian colleges I should be sure it's above normal. Lol. I'm not here to give dating advice - cause a single girl can't exactly do that. Just painting a picture.

It is rumored that 78% of students who attend Calvin College find their lifelong partners here at Calvin before their senior year. While about only 45% of them get married or engaged before their senior year, others get married after graduation. It was also noticed that out of the remaining 22%, about 8% of the people end up still marrying Calvin students, having not dated during their time at Calvin.

Here's a little video to give you more insight.

This is a project that four other students and I create for a Intro to Digital Filmmaking class in the Fall Semester of 2015-2016 at Calvin College. This was the final project. We all shot footage, recorded audio, and edited the film.

To an extent that video has a lot of truth, like if you haven't gone on a Calvin walk yet, are you guys really together?

Anyway, you should come to Calvin to find out more! You have a higher chance of finding your spouse, so why not give it a try?

This could be you by your senior year.

Enjoy your weekend!

Support Group

College can be hard sometimes. Most times it's because you feel like you're growing up, but you don't exactly know how to grow up. 

It's hard when you're dealing with physical and emotional stress, but you just can't go hug your parent, especially when home is far away. You can tend to feel lonely sometimes, and maybe out of place. That's why I feel it's essential to have a support group.

 Asking for hugs from home be like...

Asking for hugs from home be like...

Here at Calvin, my friends are my number go-to people. They are my family. If I need comfort, or food, or a fun time, my friends are always there. I find that there are a lot of different friend groups, and I believe in college even the most introverted people have friends, 'cause you find a whole range of people and a number who would share a lot in common with you.

 Pretty punny. Lol, if you watch the show Friends...

Pretty punny. Lol, if you watch the show Friends...

We might never feel comfortable enough to share our problems with our friends, or like us, our friends might not be wise enough to assess certain things how they should be, so here at Calvin we have resources to help people face whatever it might be they're going through. Broene counseling center is a main resource for help.

The Broene Counseling Center provides high quality counseling services in a confidential setting within a reformed Christian framework. We help Calvin students to reduce psychological symptoms, cope with difficult life events, and be successful in their academic and personal endeavors. We also provide consultation to faculty and staff, and training for new mental health professionals.
— Broene website

They offer one-on-one counseling sessions, from very mild cases to serious ones. They also do group counseling sessions for skill-building and just general conversations people are curious about. 

Broene is just another way Calvin College ensures its students get a well rounded education in a healthy environment!

Calvin Communities

If you stop a random person who goes Calvin and ask what is their favorite thing about being in Calvin is, they would probably say the professors, then the community. But I think community is of utmost importance. 

Not that Community, but I must say I do LOVE Abed & Troy!!

Here at Calvin College, the idea of having a safe space to thrive is something the school values a lot, and therefore emphasizes. I found out that in order to stay stable, since college can be a challenge to balance, you need a community.  Here are a few I'm a part of. They include student organizations and living communities, for some of which I am on the leadership team. Around these people I find support.

International Student Association Committee: Weird name, having "Association" and "Committee." As an international student, this is the first group of people you encounter, 'cause you have a separate (SUPER FUN) orientation with them. It's so awesome; they become your first family.

African Student Association: Well, as the name might tell you, this student organization is usually the second home for Africans. Especially if you miss food from home, during the events there is always African food and a bunch of people who can relate to whatever you're going through. It just a nice community to make familiar friends.

Knollcrest East housing community: This community is a housing option for upperclassmen. It's basically apartment buildings; each apartment has a kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom. It's a great place to feel a bit independent, but not alone. We do fun things like Mud Bowl, where all the buildings come together to compete for a cup (like the Olympics, but in the MUD). It's really fun!

ReigKnight: There's a student org group on campus called ReigKnight, cause we're knights, get it? Punnnyyyy. Anyway, the student org was created for students to meet once a month to worship through singing, dancing and prayer. It's a lovely, welcoming, homey community. One for spiritual building, so I find it comforting. 

My various workplaces: I currently have about three jobs, where all of them I feel like the people I work with have become family. We talk about our lives, give each other advice and share laughs. That's even how I got to know one of my now–best friends better.

National Society of Black Engineers: This year, I am fortunate enough to be the president of this organization. It's wonderful because it's a place for support, growth, food and enjoyable company. The organization is mainly to help encourage minority engineers. It's awesome!

Here at Calvin, I honestly feel like there's a place for everyone, which is the best feeling ever—especially when you are miles away from home!



September, the End of Summer

Hello people!

WELCOME CLASS OF 2020! WHOOOP! We're excited to have you here!

 Spot yourself!  Photo Credit: Calvin Orientation Board.

Spot yourself!

Photo Credit: Calvin Orientation Board.

Guess who's is back and hoping you all had a great summer?

It's the beginning of September, which means: goodbye shorts, hello scarves and goodbye very berry hibiscus, hello pumpkin spice latte! 

For those of you who may not know me, scroll down and do take a look at my blog, you'd learn a whole lot (about me and about Calvin) - hope you like it!

Anyway, as much as I'd always like to start the school year on a good note, I still get overly nervous and overwhelmed even before the semester even starts. So, I try to do the following things to keep my head in the game:

  1. Set REALISTIC goals for the semester.
  2. Start a new planner - always gets me excited.
  3. Find motivational quotes to keep me going.
  4. And something new I tried: Pick a Bible verse for the semester for those hard times.

Despite working hard, be sure to enjoy the school year, make friends and make the best memories!

Now I leave you with this: “Seven days without laughter make one weak.” – Joel Goodman

Rihanna Miracle

I know I sound totally obsessed, maybe I am... Just a little bit. She's just a queen in her own self.

A little back story on my Rihanna miracle. I am a die-hard Rihanna fan--if you can't tell already.  I had my mind made up that when I came to America, I had to go to her concert. I was so determined to that I put it on my bucket list.

So once I heard she was going on tour, I immediately bought my ticket to go see her in Detroit. The concert was scheduled to be on a Thursday, but we had Easter holiday the next day. It was the perfect timing! Take note, this was November 2015 and the concert was in March 2016 - this was to show you how dedicated I was. 

I currently don't have a car, but I was so determined to get to Detroit. I asked many people, but there was no luck. There were also no rides going straight to Auburn Hills, so I was stuck. I considered taking an Uber all the way there. But being an average college kid, that was not even feasible option. There I was, stranded, watching my dreams fade before my eyes, as I started to loose hope. 

It was March now, and I still hadn't found a way to get there. Almost a week or two before the concert, I had no choice but to sell my ticket. I had completely given up hope, and put my mind off of it.

That was until March 24, the day of the concert. I had had the most stressful day ever, I was just done tutoring when I overheard a group of friends discussing the Rihanna concert. It had totally escaped my mind the concert was that night, then I remembered with sadness.

I started to tell them about how I had a ticket and sold it - with tears in my eyes.

Then one of them said if I got a ticket I could come with them. Oh, the joy! Mind you - it was about 2 hours before the start of the concert, which was about two hours away. Luckily for me, I was still mourning and had refused to spend the money I got from selling the ticket. So, I used that to get another ticket.

And so, it all worked out. Next thing I knew, I was in the car with a bunch of friends, all SUPER excited to see Rihanna. That night I sang and screamed to my heart's content as it was all so surreal.

 Me, throughout the ride to Auburn Hills.

Me, throughout the ride to Auburn Hills.

I was extremely thankful to God, for making everything work out, and I'm still in awe a whole month later.

P.S: She's even MORREEEE beautiful in person!

Love, RihannaNavyyyy.