Taylor Maxfield

I'm Studying in France This Fall!

It's official: I am going to be fulfilling my French minor credit this fall in Grenoble, France! I am so happy to have this opportunity to be immersed in the French language and culture of this beautiful country! Look how gorgeous it is!!

Grenoble, France

I will be staying with a host family in Grenoble and studying at the university there. There are about twenty other students going with me, along with my professor and his family. We'll all have a couple of classes together, and meet up for weekend excursions, like a long weekend in Paris!

I am definitely nervous about speaking in French all the time, and finding my way around, but my French conversation group leader went on the same trip and is very supportive in offering encouragement and helpful tips.

My top hopes for this semester? Finding a church and experiencing God's global community, becoming more fluent in French, and connecting well with my host family and the locals of Grenoble!

This is crazy-- all of a sudden, I am becoming a world-traveler! Africa this summer, and Europe in the Fall! Prayers are greatly appreciated!