Taylor Maxfield

Create Your Own Story

The beauty of college, especially a Christian liberal arts college in a nice-sized city, is that there are so many things happening that you as an individual get many opportunities to create your own story.

This sounds cliche,
but it's true.

All the students around me have such different experiences of college, and we go to the same school! There are endless ways to create your college experience--even for just your first year! Here are a few ideas:

  1. Get involved with planning and participating in fun dorm activities and meaningful discussions. Focus on building community.
  2. Join a student org like Liberation In North Korea (L.I.N.K.) and work for social justice.
  3. Work on or off campus. Meet new people, hone new skills, and make money.
  4. Volunteer with a ministry downtown like Mel Trotter. Get valuable experience and have meaningful conversation.
  5. Become a part of the Grand Rapids music scene, and play in Calvin's Cave Cafe.
  6. Create a tradition with friends that you do one night a week, like listening to a specific type of music and drinking tea.

I encourage you to not feel limited-- If there is something you'd really like to make a part of your college experience--or life, for that matter--pursue it!

Taylor Maxfield