Taylor Maxfield

Summer Plans: Uganda

God is good!
I have been blessed, along with four other Calvin students, with the opportunity to work with a non-profit in Uganda this summer called Come, Let's Dance! I am so excited to work for a month with their school, farm, clinic, and jewelry enterprise.

Staff and volunteers of Come, Let's Dance in Kampala, Uganda!

Uganda had been showing up in conversations and books a few weeks before I got an email from one of leaders of a student org I'm involved with, International Reconciliation Organization. They had spent time there for the past two years, and highly encouraged the experience. I knew God was saying, "Come and see," to me, and I had to say yes.

After talking to my mom, we both prayed over it, and she has been supporting the endeavor ever since. I am so excited for all I will learn while in Uganda. I expect to see God's love, peace, and joy in new ways, but I leave any other expectations at home. I am open to whatever is in store.

So many opportunities will open for you while you are in college, and the Holy Spirit may press one especially on your heart sometime. My encouragement to you is to say yes! Even if the task is daunting, God will provide and do great things.

God is so good!