Taylor Maxfield

How Things Are Going

Hey. How is it going, you ask? It's going. It's actually going pretty well. : )

Schoolwork is demanding. Keeping up with assignments and projects and papers is a full-time job, and I am very tired by Thursday. Friday is a mostly free day, however, and I have the flexibility to study and work on side projects. Besides schoolwork, there are other relational stressors and frustrations of limitations and worries of the upcoming summer. All this takes a toll on me.

At the same time, I am blessed by loving friends and a loving God constantly. I had a great tutoring session with Kristin yesterday. I get more hugs than I can count every day. I have a warm bed, and a roomate with a warm heart. I know caring people who encourage me to take a nap when I'm exhausted. I have professors who begin class with a devotional. I have a family that sends me love messages throughout the week. I am loved and adopted by Jesus Christ, who died for my sins. Hallelujah!

Be tired, be stressed, but then give it to God and be blessed.