Taylor Maxfield

Deutschland (Germany)

Train, bus, and plane.
Sun, clouds, and rain.
Three cities, three days,
Lovely in many ways.

Elli and I in a garden on her campus! It was raining, but still beautiful.

Elli and I in a garden on her campus! It was raining, but still beautiful.

The first day I arrived in Germany, Elli met me at the airport in Nurembourg. I was so glad to see her! It had been almost two years!  We spent the day there, walking around. We bought gingerbread and found a nice restaurant for coffee and cake. At night, we settled into Bayreuth, where Elli goes to school. I met some of her friends, who were all very friendly and English-speaking, and we ate traditional German food! It was soo good. 

The second day, we decided to take a little road trip to Munich! It was a beautiful morning exploring the English garden and listening to street performances. We went to the huge food market and ate bratwursts, and climbed a tall church tower for a view of the city at sunset. At night, we asked locals for a recommend coffee shop. The people were so nice, and directed us to a restaurant of their friends', and we ended up getting free drinks. I was so touched by the friendliness of Germans! 

On Sunday, we had brunch with Elli's apartment-mates at an "American diner". It was quite the smorgasbord! Then I saw her campus and met more of her lovely friends. Elli was the most thoughtful, welcoming host. It was just a really nice time. We had so much time to talk, and we covered a wide range of topics. We talked a lot about different cultures and stereotypes, and I felt like I got to know German culture a lot better. I even learned a bit of the language! 

Not being able to communicate very well in the language, though, made me extremely thankful for my ability to communicate in French! 

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend. It was realllly cold, but it warmed my heart to spend time with an old friend. : )

Have a great day!