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Spring Break 2k17 – the Boba Trip

This post is much overdue, as it has been three weeks since spring break has ended. However, this was a meaningful experience for me, and I would like to expound on this subject.

Up until a few weeks before spring break had started, I was wondering what I would be doing during the break. Many friends had already made plans to travel together, and so it seemed like I would be staying in the KE apartments.

I had really wanted to travel, especially outside of Michigan, during spring break. Needless to say, I was somewhat dismayed.

I was in that state, until I talked to my good friend Kurt, another blogger on Calvin Blogs, who participated in the same Rangeela act as me. He told me he was heading back home to Colorado, and asked if I would be interested in going to Colorado with him.

At first, I did not take him seriously, thinking it was just a polite question he was asking. However, soon, I realized that he truly meant it. We asked some other friends in the Rangeela group if they were interested, and soon enough we had a road trip confirmed.

At the beginning of the trip, I did not expect much. I just imagined a good, average road trip with some sightseeing. I experienced something much more than a simple road trip. I experienced authentic friendships, overflowing hospitality and memories to last a lifetime.

We spent a total of nine days traveling, two in Chicago and seven in the state of Colorado. Our trip began in Grand Rapids, where we gathered and made a brief stop at the Café Boba to get drinks.

In Chicago, we explored the city, roaming the windy streets of downtown Chicago. We visited the Millennium Park, among other landmarks, as well as Chinatown, and ate delicious food provided by our hosts. Every day, we went out to drink boba tea, as an established tradition of the trip. In addition, we stopped by Jollibee, a Filipino fast food restaurant, as an extension of Rangeela.

Our trip to Colorado was electrifying and exhausting at the same time. Two friends took turns on the wheel, trying to get rest while the other drove. From Chicago to Castle Rock, Colorado, our trip totaled 1,031 miles in approximately 16 hours overnight.

Our trip there was filled with unexpected turns and unforgettable experiences, from hiking the Castle Rock butte to driving up snow-covered Colorado mountains. Kurt’s family were amazing hosts, giving us great Filipino food every day. We ate adobo, pancet and other appetizing Filipino cuisine.

We stayed active in Colorado. We traveled to downtown Denver and took photos outside in front of the Capitol hill. There was a day we devoted to shopping, and I bought a pair of white Vans, a purchase which made me immensely happy. Kurt’s parents took us out for lunch at a Korean restaurant for an amazing meal. I took long walks during the night with friends. We visited IKEA in Denver. But most importantly, we made sure to get boba drinks every day.

All in all, the trip was packed with lots of emotion, thoughts, and activities. Behind and between these, I found to connect to these friends on a deeper level, and simply to enjoy the experience of an unfamiliar environment and people.