Purun Yeo

Purun Yeo
International Relations
North Africa

Without a Second Thought

It seems to me that often, especially as a college student, I live without much reflection. There is always an assignment to finish, a friend to meet or sleep that needs to be caught up. In such a busy lifestyle—one that is so common in the contemporary world—it is difficult to find the time to sit down and process all that is happening.

But perhaps that is simply an excuse. When I recognize something as a priority, I make it happen. For example, when I find a book I love, I will devour it. I will pull it out any spare time I have—and here is the important part—I will also sacrifice the time I would eat or sleep to read this book.


Of course, there are differences in reading a book and reflecting on your own thoughts in terms of the environment in which each action is possible. However, the objective of this example is to show that self-reflection, like other pursuits, must be prioritized in order for it to be actually accomplished. And yes, sacrifices are necessary.

Find your own method of reflection. Writing is the way to go for me to untie the jumble of thoughts that lay gathering dust in the attic of my brain. Other ways work too, and testing out different methods and finding one that suits you the best is an essential process.

Life does not stop for it to play the catch-up game with you. Make it your own, take the reins and fully experience, absorb and enjoy everything it offers. I will take my own advice now to assess my current situation.