Purun Yeo

Purun Yeo
International Relations
North Africa

Advice for Next Year's Freshman from a Current Freshman

Academics. I’m not sure why or how, but some people have the wrong notion: that college is a place where academics is not important. While academics may not be the only focus in college (because there are so many opportunities here), coursework remains extremely important. Academics is a main focus at Calvin, and you would do yourself well to not slack off.  I think that possibly the easiest and most practical advice for academics is to attend class. Skip only when necessary. Attendance usually does not automatically get you higher grades (in some classes it is an easy grade), but there is a clear difference between those who attend all or most classes and those who come to class whenever they feel like it.

Getting help. You’re one college student, and you cannot do everything. Calvin has various options for help. Academically, you can ask for a tutor for all 100-level classes, and some 200-levels as well. In addition, the Rhetoric Center on the second floor of the library is an extremely helpful resource. Career-wise, the Career Center is completely free and offers a wide range of services, from helping you build your resume to various tests designed to figure out your career path. The Broene Counseling Center offers counseling, as well as group therapy session for those who need it. Finally, you may request academic coaches at the Office of Academic Services located in the Spolhoef Center.

Student discounts. Calvin students are eligible for a variety of discounts. You can get a discount card for the Rapid, which is the local bus system in Grand Rapids, at the Student Life Office. In addition, Calvin’s IT department website displays several vendors that give students discounts on hardware and software they offer. Finally, Calvin’s Student Senate has worked to put together a discount card that can be used at a variety of gyms, shoe stores, barber shops, and restaurants. Other than these discounts, you are eligible for general student discounts such as the Amazon Prime offer, as well as half off the normal price of services such as Spotify.

Balance. One thing you learn instantly in college is that you have to balance your life. There will always be some friends that want to hang out, there will always be an assignment due the next day and you will always be somewhat deprived of sleep. Which do you choose? All three are important, and devoting too much time to one area will leave you with not enough time for the other two. Time, like money, is a limited resource, and learning to budget it and using it wisely is an important life skill you’ll learn. 


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