Kurt Delos Trino

Welcome to my LIFE at CALVIN!


As I get ready to give previews of my life at Calvin, I think some background of who I am will be helpful. 

I am from Castle Rock, Colorado.

As most people ask where it is in relation to Denver, Colorado: Castle Rock is in between Denver and Colorado Springs. 

 Colorado Flag

Colorado Flag

At Calvin, I get an opportunity to be who I am while being a student. I am a junior studying nursing! Starting junior year is an exciting year because I, along with other nursing students, get an opportunity to go out in different clinical settings to learn what it takes to be a Christian nurse.

As a junior, besides being a student, I am also a Resident Assistant (RA) in Kalsbeek-Huizenga-van Reken (KHvR).

 RA Staff after Passages, the time for RAs to get to know each other. 

RA Staff after Passages, the time for RAs to get to know each other. 

As an RA at Calvin, I have the opportunity to help facilitate community in the dorms! I think it is one of the most exciting ways to get to know people, as well as to get to know God at Calvin's campus! Each RA has a floor they specifically help facilitate. For me, it is second van Reken (2vR). 

Photos from above (left to right): Minion theme photos, my co-RA, selfie with President Le Roy, fellowship through Ethiopian food, picture with Vice President for Student Life Sarah Visser

As the year goes on, I will be giving you previews of my life as a student and as an RA on a living-learning community floor. A living-learning community is a floor focused on a different topic/challenge that we as Christians face in our world. My floor specifically addresses the issues of race, racism and reconciliation in this world. I think of it as a floor that talks about anti-racism, learns, grows, laughs and enjoys life together!

That is some background of who I am and what I am doing at Calvin! 

Blessings to ALL of you!!!