Kurt Delos Trino

1 Week before Spring Break

It is so CLOSE, yet it is so far away. Spring break is the only thing that many people think about. Many people are in the process of planning what their break is going to be like, despite the busyness of their schedules. I am one of those people who is looking forward to taking a break from school. People say, do not let senioritis get to you. However, even with the constant reminders of not getting too focused on breaks or being tired, I feel like I look forward to going home for spring break more than class. What I've done before spring break to help fight through the senioritis and lack of motivation:

  1. Look at my planner of what I need to get done BEFORE spring break: I use my planner to focus on what is happening in the moment. Try not to worry about what I did not get done, but rather focus on what I am getting done at that moment
  2. Be in the present: I know and understand that by the end of May I am graduating. I need to be present with what is happening in front of me, or else I will miss the good parts of what is happening. 
  3. Use the break as a motivation: Yes it is farther than it is suppose to be or I want, but using the upcoming break as motivation is helpful to know that there is a light or an end. 

With some of these, I can say that I am very much excited to go HOME and enjoy what is to come!