Kurt Delos Trino

Being in the WARMTH for INTERIM

One of my favorite parts about Calvin is interim.

 Working on that Chaco tan.

Working on that Chaco tan.

What is Interim?

Calvin is one of the few schools that is set up to have an interim, or J-term. Interim happens in between the semesters. Calvin is set up as a 4-1-4 school, which means that 4 months of fall semester, 1 month for interim, and 4 months for spring semester. As most people would think that having an interim makes school the school year longer, I think it makes interim something to look forward to in the fall. Yes, we do end up with staying in school a little later than others, but interim is worth it. 

Interim is one of my favorite parts about Calvin. We, as students, get the chance to take a month off the rigorous courses at Calvin. During this time, many students get to take classes that they would not normally take. The classes offered aren't normally offered in the regular semesters, they are much better than most people think. Classes are usually either in the morning or in the afternoon because people who stay on campus are in class for three hours every day. When thinking about the time, three hours seems like a lot for one class, but the these classes are FUN!

One of the coolest parts about interim is that you get the chance to travel abroad. I love that there is a time go over interim. Some majors, like nursing, have a hard time fitting going abroad unless it's over interim. The interim abroad trips are an amazing opportunity to see the world and experience it.


This year I got the chance to go to Jamaica for interim. Jamaica interim with one of my favorite professors is a dream come true! I have been waiting since sophomore year to get the chance to travel to Jamaica and learn about the country. The trip is about Migration, Tourism and Development in Jamaica. 

Jamaica as a country is known for its people, culture and tourism. Tourism, considerably for reasons of economic development. It brings in revenue for the country and for both local and international business. I learned that being a tourist in countries like Jamaica is important, however, there is a better way of doing tourism. I cannot say that I know everything about being a tourist and making a better tourist, but I gained some knowledge about tourism. 

Being a tourist is not just traveling to different parts of Jamaica. It is about experiencing the country with the locals. What I mean is assimilating ourselves into what the locals are doing. Get yourself oriented to the places and its people because you will learn a lot, as I got that chance to do. Use local resources that will benefit the community and its nation. The money that we paid as tourists goes to the business owners (can be Jamaican or owned by someone else) and the economy as well. If there is not enough money circulation of Jamaican dollars, JMD becomes less useful. Lastly, enjoy the the culture and its food. Yes, it might be a little bit scary because you are not use to it. Even though that may be the case, it is something that people should experience and try to understand. Food in itself helps know a little more about the culture of the country. It is a huge part of the people and what they have to offer. 

What did we do in Jamaica

The purpose of going and learning about Jamaica focused A LOT on tourism. We visited places that are popular for the tourist. Visiting the tourist place is fun, but there is a purpose to it. We question the effects it has on the people of Jamaica and the economy of Jamaica. It was cool to see all these places and experience them, but part of me wanted to experience more of the culture and the people of Jamaica. 

We ended up in 4 different cities of Jamaica. In all the places, we went around the city we were staying in to see the famous places. Each town differed from each other. It was kind of like having their own personality as a city. The cities we went to were Kingston, Mandeville, Treasure Beach and Montego Bay. I think my favorite city was Treasure Beach. Treasure Beach was so close to the beach that we could walk there in five minutes or less. One of my favorite parts about Treasure Beach is the amount of local restaurants. The food was delicious that the owners were locals from Treasure Beach. It was a peaceful city and people were very friendly. Other than that, Jamaica was a very fun and chill place to be