Kurt Delos Trino

Busy... Isn't EVERYONE busy (1)

But aren't we all busy?

The answer is YES. We are all considerably busy in different ways. As a student, I can't even fathom how busy I am, HOWEVER, this does not mean that other people are far less busy than I am. Everyone is busy one way or the other. As for me, I am a senior nursing student, which by itself is a crazy vigorous schedule. I have Dance Guild, a couple of jobs and recently joined the men's volleyball team! A question that people asked me: "How do you survive?" OR "How are you even alive?" The answer to that question is, I do not know at all! I don't know how I am doing all these things without having to expect MYSELF to NOT fall apart. I am not falling apart, because, to an extent, being busy is my choice. I cannot control what assignments I get and have to get done, because they are given by my professors. Another aspect to the busyness of life are the extracurricular activities that I can do and have chosen to do. I have the choice to lessen my plate, however, I seem to have added more than my plate can handle. I know that since this is my last year, I am at the point where I feel I have to do EVERYTHING! The question is, do I really have to do all these things? 

Busyness has been a struggle for me. There are aspects of being busy that have been understandable. I know that everyone is busy, but at the same time, are we using busy as to not talk to people or meet up with people? Have we taken the idea of being busy to glorify ourselves and our importance? There are moments where I question myself with the busyness of life. I have been challenged this year to understand busyness, but realizing that it should not be glorified or define me being put together or doing well. I am challenged to answer the question of how I am doing by being real, like saying, "I am well, but things have been intense." 

I do not want to undermine that people are as busy as a I am, if not busier. I need to realize that we all have different busyness in life. One good part about knowing that everyone is busy is if you want to meet with people, it is important to really take the time to ask them their availability rather than when they are free. People will always say they do not have any free time, but they will work out in their crazy life when they are available when asked. 

Everyone is busy. Being busy for many people provides a motivation to do well, and it becomes a part of their structures. I have challenged myself this semester that even if I am busy, I need to really be INTENTIONAL with my time, people, classes and of course with God. I need to work on spending time with friends, because it isn't healthy to just do homework all the time. I need to find a room to find a healthy balance between being busy and enjoying life. 

As for now, I want to leave at a point knowing that everyone is busy. I just need to take everything with a grain of salt to accept it and work with it.

I want to continually explore the Christian aspect of being busy. I want to understand what it means to be busy from other Christians and what ways we can be better with being less busy.