Kurt Delos Trino

Resources at Calvin College

Use the Resources!

Within the past three years at Calvin, I couldn't believe the amount of resources they provide for the students. Anything I needed, there was a place for it. Of course, as a private Christian school, we have academic services and the campus ministries, yet Calvin does not stop there! 

Each student at Calvin have their personal favorite resources, but here are my top go-to resources:

  1. Multicultural Student Develop Office (MSDO)
    1. MSDO strives to welcome the student body of Calvin and teach about understanding cultures and backgrounds to feel a sense of belonging at Calvin's campus. MSDO boldly speaks out about the racial tensions within Calvin and across America's nation to intentionally find racial reconciliation as Christians. 
    2. I enjoy the people that work and the students that hang out in the lounge inside the office. The students have a great time and speaks out truth to each other.
    3. Learn more at calvin.edu/msdo/index.html.
  2. Career Center
    1. The career center helps student understand their right vocations by taking a test that fits their personality best. It is important to know that if a student does not know their major, the career center helps with guiding a possible suitable path for those students. The career center integrates resources for students who know their majors by helping them find internships throughout the year and even the summer. One of my favorite part about the career center is their mock interview that prepares you for a real interview! It is incredible!
    2. Learn more at calvin.edu/offices-services/career-center/.
  3. Professors!
    1. I cannot stress enough how important it is to utilize the professors at Calvin as resources. I believe they are the forefront of the resources to each student. They are the direct line for everything. The professors are the ones who help with grades and future careers as well. The professors essentially become one of your recommenders when it comes to getting a job! They are on our side! They will help with what they can and really want each student to succeed. It is amazing how some professors take the extra mile for students to succeed and to get out into the community as one of the best qualified people for jobs or grad school.

USE the RESOURCES! The ones above aren't the only ones at Calvin. There are many resources that can be utilize to grow as students and future leaders of the real world.