Kurt Delos Trino

Welcome BACK!

School is BACK!!!!

Welcome back Calvin STUDENTS and FRIENDS! 

The moment we have been waiting for is finally here. It's school. 

Some of you actually are may be dreading school, but some of you are very excited of what school is going to look like. Whatever position you are, I hope that you will find some enjoyment with going to back to school. Because the reality of it all is that school is BACK! One of the fascinating things about school coming back is that people always have mixed feeling about going back to school.

  1. Excitement about seeing friends and what the year will bring.
  2. Nervousness with regard to what the year will bring.
  3. First-year students: Both feelings because of being in a new environment

I personally was very excited to go back to school. I was ready for what the LAST year of college was going to bring, even though there are some parts of SENIOR YEAR that are nerve-racking. I am going to learn more about nursing and how I can be a better nurse. I am in the position of living with my friends in the campus apartments. Even though I had all these excitements with me and ahead of me, there isn't any doubts of anxiousness. I mean, it is my LAST year of CALVIN. I am going to be graduating this year. I am not ready for the workload that will be coming my way by any means, because the truth of the matter: It will not be easy at all. All I know is that school is definitely back with all the beautiful smiles and people I have seen and interacted with. Calvin College is full blast this year with putting their mission of: 

Calvin College equips students to think deeply,
to act justly,
and to live wholeheartedly

as Christ’s agents of renewal in the world. 

(This includes all the workload and fun that is coming this year.)

As the year is back, there is also a new start for many people. The first year students are about to head into their first of many things at Calvin, which is amazing! I want to send a warm welcome to the class of 2020! The place you are in when it comes to learning about yourself, others and God is ahead of you. I hope that the opportunities of what lies ahead aren't wasted, but taken advantage of. The hardships and busyness of life will come, but remember that everyone else around you is going through it. Remember that fun will be there and take advantage of it as well!

Welcome Class of 2020!