Kurt Delos Trino

The weather is NOT Frightful!


When I think of the weather, I think of the change of weather here in Michigan. I pretty much think that the weather changes like I drink water, which is pretty constant! The weather happens to change all the time, but there are moments when it is consistent or at least trying to pray for consistency! Today and yesterday has been an amazing day and moment for the students at Calvin. The weather was actually nice! It was nice to get the chance to enjoy the weather in the midst of busyness and craziness of life! The sun was out, so everyone was out. Everyone hammocks, runs, plays frisbee or sits on the grass of commons lawn to get some vitamin D. It is unbelievable how everyone becomes much more active when the sun is out! The downfall of it is that people would rather be outside than do their homework! People find themselves a much harder time to enjoy the weather because of the amount of homework and projects they have to do. Or, people find it hard to do homework because they would rather enjoy the weather. All I know is that at this time of the year, struggles of motivation are a lot harder! No matter how hard we have to work, all I can say is that finally the good weather is here!