Kurt Delos Trino

The Realest of Calvin

It is time to talk about REAL struggles or challenges of being a student like me! 

As you have read my adventures throughout this year, I mentioned the many ways Calvin has been a wonderful experience. All of those experience are REAL and TRUE, but let us not forget that even with the most amazing time here, I do have my own struggles. I do have my own challenges that come my way and I think that it is important to see and recognize that. 

 From Calvin Nursing Department website.

From Calvin Nursing Department website.

  1. School: I know that my purpose here at Calvin is to learn how I can be a better nurse in the future. Honestly, I do love being able to learn about nursing and learn the ways a Christian nurse can flourish. The reality of it: nursing school is hard in many ways. I am challenged with the amount of information I take in and have to remember. I have to find the time to really focus and understand all the lectures and readings I do. All the information is very important for nursing, but sometimes it can be challenging to understand what all the information mean. Along with the challenge, I enjoy learning about the ways I can be a really good nurse and fully take the steps God is calling me to take. Even with these challenges, I am amazed with the way God uses me with my patients and friends surrounding me through nursing. I know that I am suppose to be a nurse, but nursing school is HARD!
  2. Being a Resident Assistant is HARD: RA is a fun and important job. I do appreciate and love being an RA because of all the ways I can pour into my residents and ways I can walk along side them. It is an important work to do, but it is not an easy job to have. I think the struggles of taking all the pain and burdens from my residents have been one of the ways I am frustrated. I cannot always be there and cannot be the one who takes those sorrows away. God is the only one who can, but I want to be part of that process. It is hard to know that I cannot always be part of that process and I do not necessarily have the capability to do so. Along with this, there are some things I cannot say nor talk about to anyone. It is so hard to process all the information that has happened because I simply cannot say anything to anyone. As these challenges have come my way as an RA, I know that I have learned so much. 
  3. TIME: Time goes and will not stop. I am organized and love making sure I am on schedule with what is happening with my life, but I simply cannot have enough time for everything. I do not have the time to go out and enjoy time with friends. I do not have time for myself. I do not have time to talk to everyone. Time is hard, but it is a matter of finding time to make time. I push myself to make time for friends, for homework, and for myself. I have to make time for those. I have to prioritize. 

All of these are some of the challenges I have as a student, but in reality we all have obstacles that we must go through. The question of it is how are you overcoming these challenges and what have you learned from these experience? I know that many of you are making your decisions about college, and Calvin is in your radar. I am not telling you about my struggles about Calvin to scare you, but rather to help you understand that school will be challenging in a way that you are truly learning. Your RAs are humans too and are students too. Time is hard, but it is a matter of using it well. The challenges I am going through is not because Calvin is not a good school, it is because CALVIN is a GREAT school that challenges me, and I need that to be better in the future.