Kurt Delos Trino


The weekend has past. The weekend is something most people look forward to, but I personally do not know how I feel about weekends. I feel that weekends are needed as breaks. I believe that we need a break from classes or work, and weekends fill in that space. Although that can be the case, there are moments where weekends become frustrating. Weekends sometimes become the moment of catching up with classes, studying for tests and writing papers. I think being in college has been hard at times with figuring out on how to spend a weekend. The reality of it is that there isn't any right way of spending the weekend. Some people take a day of relaxing, while others take the time to do homework. Every Monday, people ask what I did with my weekend. Well, this weekend has been a productive and relaxing weekend, even though the start of my weekend was not the easiest!


During Friday my day starts bright and early with my nursing class. It was a four-hour class. The class is long and challenging, but it teaches a lot about pediatric nursing. I will say it is NOT normal to have a four-hour class! Nursing changes the schedule based on the professor's needs.

I get the chance to take a break as well on Fridays. One of my favorite breaks from class on Fridays is chapel break. I get the chance to tune in with the Lord through worship, which is an amazing opportunity. Once chapel break is over, I go back for the last two hours of my class. After class, I work for an hour and give a tour around the campus. Once I finish with the tour, I have a half hour break. At 3 p.m. this Friday, I had group interviews that lasted for about three hours. I will say they were fun interviews. The interviews ended at 6 p.m. which gave me about 20 minutes of dinner time. After dinner, I went to play volleyball for a tournament that my friends and I ended up joining. We did not win the tournament, but it was still worth it. As to close my Friday night, I was hosting Fridays at Calvin students who ended up staying with one of my residents. 


Saturday was totally a different day from Friday. I woke up at 9:15 a.m. to take my Fridays students to breakfast. After breakfast, the Fridays left because one was going home and the other student was going to the Festival of Faith and Writing. After they left, I left to go to Baxter Madison Fix-Up day. I stayed there for two hours since I arrived late for the volunteer work. The Baxter Madison people did not know we were going to be there until 2 p.m., which I find interesting. I got home around 2:15 p.m. and dedicated my time doing homework. My friends texted me about playing beach volleyball from 4 to 5:30 p.m. I find it fun because we had people I did not know join us. It was cool to have that experience and let everyone who wants to play and join us. The weather permitted us to play volleyball for a couple hours and get some play time! Sadly, I had to leave and go to work at the at the Fish House! I actually love working there because of the people and making people happy with their lattes. After work I worked on homework all night until 11 p.m. Mary Timmer and I wanted to take one of our friends out because of life circumstances. We ended up doing that! That was quite a Saturday!


Sunday is pretty typical for me. I went to church and did homework afterwards. As a floor member for 2vR, we do floor meetings every Sunday. This particular Sunday is different because instead of listening to people's lives, we did floor pictures! I cannot wait to see how the photos turns out! I also got the chance to catch up with my old RA from last year. We went to Spoonlickers, which was very packed! So that was my weekend.