Kurt Delos Trino


Easter Sunday is considerably one of the most celebrated holidays in America and possibly in the world as well. Besides Christmas or Thanksgiving, it is celebrated pretty extensively in America. With this holiday or any holidays, people celebrate it differently, not to mention there isn't any correct way of celebrating it. Although that is true, is it really okay to glorify Easter bunnies or eggs? Shouldn't we glorify only our dear Jesus?

I do not necessarily know the ways to celebrate Easter, but some of the ways I have seen or heard is with Easter bunnies or Easter eggs. Many families celebrate Easter by looking for eggs that have prizes in them. Some families decorate the shells of the hard boiled eggs. There are many different ways to celebrate this wonderful holiday, especially the fun spring ideas. Even though this is the case, we must not forget the importance and true meaning of Easter is the resurrection of our dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

The story of Jesus Christ who came down on Earth took on flesh to save us. He lived his life preaching the love of our God and to take on the challenges that we humans have every day. Jesus took on the cross and has defeated death. He is risen and he is alive! Let us not forget the truth of the gospel and how we are SAVED because of Jesus!