Kurt Delos Trino

Happy Spring Break Everyone!

Friday afternoon is another milestone for most of us here at Calvin. It is an accomplishment to survive another half of a semester. As for many students, specifically the freshmen, it is a definite milestone. It happens to be their first spring break in their college career. It is a big moment for freshmen students to feel excited to make it to spring break. It is an important moment to feel excited about spring break and what it will bring. Congratulations freshmen and, of course, to the rest of Calvin: you MADE IT to spring break. 

Spring definitely has sprung! The sun is out. The temperature is warmer. The clothing has changed. Lastly, students have left the building. Spring has sprung. 

As I leave KHvR for a week, I wish, pray, and hope that God works wonderfully during spring break. I pray that spring break is a time of restfulness, enjoyment and safety. Wherever God leads each students to flourish and be filled with joyfulness, create a time during spring break that is unforgettable. May God bless every single person on spring break and be safe!

As to my last note, I remember about two years ago I was in the same spot. I woke at 5 a.m. I am in the spot where I am finishing up what should've been done long time ago, which is packing. But as I reflect, I remember leaving early to go to a Service-Learning trip to Jackson. Two years have gone by and I am in the same spot as before. I am leaving, but I wanted to share to all of you a Chimes article that touched on my friends' and I's trip. 


Happy spring break EVERYONE!