Kurt Delos Trino

Second semester, first half: Obstetric Nursing

As a nursing student at Calvin College, I get the opportunity to learn, engage, and apply the skills we acquire in classroom to real life nursing. Every semester I, along with other nursing students who are admitted to the program, get the chance to do clinicals or practicum. With this, I get the chance to learn about different types of nursing. Specifically for this semester, it's pediatrics and obstetrics nursing. At this moment, the first half of my semester is learning about taking care of mothers and newborn babies or obstetric nursing (OB). Many people have asked me about how I feel about OB, and I have been pretty honest with my opinion. I told many people that I am excited to get the opportunity to learn in the hospital by taking care of mothers and babies, however, I am not really excited about the environment of pregnancy. One thing I have to mention is that I am open-minded about this opportunity, because I never know--I might end up enjoying the class and clinicals. As this nursing journey begins, I see and know the busyness of what it will bring. With this, I must take it a day at a time and with gladness in each day that God has given me the chance to learn and enjoy the day he has given me. Below is more information about Calvin College's nursing department.


I hope that as you get this chance to know about my OB program, you take time to learn more about Calvin and visit the college as well!