Kurt Delos Trino

Rangeela 2016: Simply Cultural

Before I tell you about Rangeela, I want to thank my three beautiful and awesome choreographers for being graceful and for pushing me to work hard for this year's performance. 

 Grace Jung, Beulah Kruis, and Therese Mualla

Grace Jung, Beulah Kruis, and Therese Mualla

Yes, it was simply cultural. 

It has been a week since Rangeela has happened. Rangeela is a yearly event that showcases some of the cultures at Calvin College. The students organize an act (dance, singing, act, etc.) that is representative of the culture different people grew up in. The ISDO work with these students that hand-picks which acts will be shown at the end of February. Rangeela weekend is usually on the last weekend of the February. Rangeela is one of my favorite parts about Calvin, because it allows students to teach other students about the culture they grew up in or love. The students does not have to lived in that specific culture to participate in the act. Let's say I want to join the African Act, then I am more than welcome to join the act. Everyone is welcome to join whatever act they would like. It is such a wonderful experience because we get to know other people and small parts of other people's culture. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 8.02.07 PM.png

Act leaders are the students who proposes what culture they are representing and what they will be doing. The act leaders take the time perform to the Rangeela committee and to the people who want to join in the Rangeela acts. Act leaders put aside the time to bring and teach the culture to the group that will be performing! This year Rangeela was February 26 and 27! 

This year, I got the chance to participate in the Philippines Act. It is very interesting to be in an act where I grew up in, yet I was given the chance to learn more about the culture I am from. Due to the many islands in the Philippines, differences across the country are prominent. Although the differences varies in dances or festivals, the tradition still remains. As for the Philippines act, it was focused on doing three different festivals. The festivals were Panangbenga, Masskara, and Dinagyang. 

  • Panagbenga is known as the Flower Festival that is held in Baguio, Philippines. The purpose of the festival is to celebrate the coming of the flowers in that specific region. The other reasoning behind the festival derive from the devastation of an earthquake of Luzon in 1990. The festivals includes various flowers and many form of street dances. For Rangeela, Grace Jung choreographed a dance based on this festival. 


  • Masskara is known as the Mask Festival and held in Bacolod, Philippines. Bacolod is known for their beautiful smiles, for which they are called the City of Smiles. The city of smiles received their names from the festivals filled with smiling masks. The smiling masks was a way to bring in the community together out of a tragic incident with the tanks colliding and sinking. The choreographer for this Rangeela performance was Beulah Kruis


  • Dinagyang is a cultural and religious festival that is celebrated in Iloilo, Philippines. The festival is one of the biggest festival in the Philippines. The religious focus within the dance is commemoration to Jesus Christ as becoming part of the Filipino culture. The other reasoning for this dance is to bring happiness and joy to the people of Iloilo by dancing down the streets of Ilioilo. 

The year of showing some of the Filipino Festivals have been an amazing experience. I cannot express my gratitude enough to my leaders and Rangeela committee to making the performance such a cultural and beautiful performance. 

One of my favorite parts about Rangeela is that I got the chance to wear a BARONG, which is a traditional formal clothing that we wear in the Philippines. I wore it on Friday to represent the Philippines, and on Saturday I was able to wear for the Fashion Show.

Lastly, Rangeela would not have been the same without with the new friends I made! Thank you to my new FRIENDS! It is now time for that potluck we have been wanting to do!