Kurt Delos Trino

Black History Month

Why Celebrate Black History Month?

The month of February is not just about Cupid anymore, but rather a time for celebrating our brothers and sisters in Christ of African ancestry. It is important to take time for you and your significant other to celebrate together on a nice dinner, but let's not forget about what February should be about. February is a month to celebrate Black historical figures and future Black leaders of America. Black History Month raises awareness of the challenges many people have overcome and to engage in conversations to about Black history and culture. It opens up our minds to our misrepresentation of what African American culture really is about and to understand that Black history is not JUST about slavery. Black history is AMERICAN history. Black History Month is a month to think about, learn from and understand Black leaders (nationally and communally), raise up future Black leaders and (as a Christian campus) further extend an invitation that God loves diversity and inclusion that fully accepts every skin color and ethnic background.

Therefore, Calvin College challenges each student to learn and engage in understanding Black History Month or any other months dedicate to celebrate diversity. Calvin embraces diversity as scripture creates a picture of loving diversity. With this, an office known as the Multicultural Student Development Office (MSDO) devotes its time to teach and support students who are learning and engaging in these conversations. The MSDO helps with creating events helping each student understand diversity and inclusion, but also bring in social support for the American Minority students.