Kurt Delos Trino



ArtPrize is considerably one of my favorite parts about Grand Rapids (GR). I love the atmosphere it gives to the city. I feel so alive during the two weeks it is happening. Everyone gets excited about ArtPrize. ArtPrize is only two weeks once a year, which is probably one of the reasons why I love it! This year it is from September 26–October 9, but it changes all the time (usually about the same time of the year).

ArtPrize is essentially the biggest art competition in the world. Artists from different parts of the world come to show off their art pieces and compete in different categories. The categories are 2D, 3D, installation and time-based. Because this is art, there different ways art is being expressed, which is amazing. It gives people a chance to understand art in many different forms. The prizes for ArtPrize amount to more than $500,000 in total that is chosen both by the public and an expert jury to assure that there are different ways to win. I think it is wonderful that we as the public eye are given the chance to vote. One of the parts of art is for people to see, which is hard a times. Many people will agree or disagree with the pieces, but that is the beauty of being able to healthily debate on an art piece

Every year is different, but one of my favorite pictures of ArtPrize from last year is the one below! Many people enjoyed this specific art piece, as well getting the chance to participate as part of the art!

This year I got the chance to go again to ArtPrize and honestly I wasn't necessarily happy with what I saw. I will say that I did not see the whole of ArtPrize, however, the part I saw was not the most exciting nor the best. I do not know if the part of ArtPrize I saw was just lacking of experienced art, or if the weather just kind of took a turn against seeing art. I mean it was raining and kind of later in the day, which lessened what I was able to see. Even with many factors that result into why ArtPrize felt like it was lacking, my friends and I were able to see some amazing art pieces. In the end I will say that ArtPrize is a huge part of Grand Rapids and a huge part of Calvin College experience. 

I want to reiterate, however, that this was one of the thousand experiences with ArtPrize. My experience differs from my friends' experiences, but in the end it is a wonderful experience and a privilege to see the different art pieces. It really is incredible to see the different talents and visions people are wanting to show to the public.