Kurt Delos Trino

Coming back for Interim....

Coming back from Break....

 Colorado Winter

Colorado Winter

I mentioned over break that I was in Colorado. Colorado is considerably one of the most beautiful states in comparison to the other 49 states. I truly enjoy and LOVE Colorado. One of the reasons why I love Colorado, besides the fact that my family is there, is the natural beauty it has. With this, I am slowly learning to love and appreciate nature even more. I get the chance to see God's goodness in a different perspective. Colorado is home, yet Michigan is my home... at this moment I do not know where my true home is, but I love Colorado and Michigan. Although this time around, I was not very much excited to come back to Michigan. I think break was too short and I did not get very much chance to spend time with family, friends, and Colorado. 

Am I excited for anything (coming back)?

At Calvin, we are given an opportunity to listen and meet different people who are working towards the greater good of this world. We have this through January Series. January Series is a time from 12:30PM eastern time to 1:30PM in which a speaker or speakers get to talk about the work they have done or are doing. These people tend to be a big deal inside and outside Calvin's community. We are given an opportunity to listen in to different people, which I think is such a cool opportunity. 

If you want more information about who is speaking on each day, the link below will help. Sometimes they even have it live broadcast or recorded, it all depends on the speaker!