Kurt Delos Trino

January Series: A Call to Action

What is the true purpose of going to the January Series? As I take the January Series class, I am convicted to think, listen, learn, engage, ask questions and even read. My class and I are given the opportunity to ask questions to the speaker(s) of that day. With this, both the students and speakers are engaged to think and understand why the work of each speaker is important. As I reflect on each speaker or as for the whole series, I was and am challenged to think deeply, listen carefully, read intentionally and ask important questions. With this, the speakers have come to this part of their life because of what they believe in and their understanding that knowledge is power. They came to this conclusion through reading the books they are passionate about, but most importantly even reading the things they do not agree with. It is the idea of being able to gain more knowledge through things we do not know or things we do not agree with because we are challenged. The January Series is a series of talks that can be described as call to action! A call to action to makes the world a better place, but also a call to action to be better at thinking with our passion. The trust in passion alone is not enough because intelligence is a big part into making a difference and in reality to understand what our call is so we can act!