Kurt Delos Trino

The Color of Grace

My Reflection of Bethany Haley Williams....

Bethany Haley Williams and Matt Williams bring back hope through their work and their story. Beforehand, the couple showed openness and willingness to answer questions to the class. Matt, however, wanted to get out of the question and answer portion. Bethany was not willing to let that happen easily. By answering questions, I was able to see the two work together and show the passion they have for the work they do. The work they have planted and sowed is not an easy job to do, yet they continue to do so because it is their calling. A calling to help children work through the brokenness and darkness they have gone through. A job that is not easy to break down one’s past, especially with the involvement of such heavy, dark, clouded, evil act because they have no other choice. These children are forced against their will to fight, kill, and assault in order for them to live. I can’t even imagine having to go through such pain so that I can live. Bethany talked about how many of these children are forced to kill their own mother. I surely cannot imagine having to go through the day after I killed my own mother. With this darkness weighing down on a child, Bethany believes that we are bigger than our past and we are stronger than our pain. This belief stems from God being bigger than us. As she continues to speak about these children’s pain, she said, “Purpose can come from pain”. I find this statement enlightens what can be true to our own failures. Many people use their pain to motivate into something better and learn from their pain. I know that it is not easy to draw from our own pain and use it for a better purpose. In fact, most of us would rather forget and not relive our pain. We can choose to not use our pain or choose to think about our pain. I think it is a great idea to use our pain, but choose which pain to use to be better.

Overall, Bethany Haley Williams works not for her own good, but she works to serve the Lord. She uses the tools she knows that work to help these children be treated.  One of the programs she talked about is the HOPE program. The program focus on three parts: 1) trauma, emotional strength, and forgiveness 2) peace building/ conflict resolutions 3) leadership skills. I think this trauma program places children not only to work through their trauma, but also learn to be a leader in their own community. I think this is one of the biggest accomplishments they have done is using the people in that community to be leaders.