Kurt Delos Trino

Happy New Year!!!!

YEAR of 2016

New Year's Eve is basically a holiday in the Philippines. Every single family prepares the food on December 31st for the evening celebration. We cook and cook until ten minutes before midnight. At midnight, the kids jump and down so they can grow taller. In another part of tradition, the parents throw money to the kids. The kids try to get the money that is being thrown at them. I really do not know the reason for this, but it is an exciting time for kids to gain more money. In the Philippines, there are many fireworks that happens on NYE. Lastly, 13 circular fruits are displayed on the table. The reason for 13 not 12 is to bring extra luck onto the family. I do not know the reasoning for all these traditions. However, I think they are fun and cool traditions in our family or most Filipino families. I think Feng Shui is part of the Filipino culture that influence these traditions.

What are your NYE/ New Year's Day traditions?