Kurt Delos Trino

Relief after Finals, now HOME...


The reality of it: I am a college student. With all the fun posts, there is the truth about exams. The most stressful of all exams are final exams.  Finals do happen eventually, even if we do not want them to happen. Most people look forward to the end of finals for two reasons: 1) we are done with semester, and 2) it is finally break. Everyone in the dorms, including me, seems to be on edge. The stress and exhaustion gets everyone. The stress might be at its highest point, but the effort toward doing well for finals is very high. For many people, finals is the make-or-break point for their grade if they are in between two grades. Finals are stressful, and they do matter in many cases. Even with the stress, there are some awesome things about finals, like the popping the of the balloons, the final exam you just finish and being able to say "I'm done!" The awesome part about those is hearing the first-year students at Calvin. I think you aren't a REAL college student until you experience the first semester final exams. Now, they are college students. Most importantly, they are Calvin College students.


Once you are done with finals, you get to go home and have a break. You do not have to worry about homework, quizzes, projects, or exams. Have a fantastic CHRISTMAS break to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with family and friends. There is nothing more beautiful than that. As for me, I am in Colorado, enjoying the snow falling down on the ground (unlike the past two weeks of Grand Rapids). 

Stay tuned for the adventures of what break brings for me!