Kurt Delos Trino

Academic Advising

What is academic advising? 

Academic advising is a two-day break that Calvin established to help students with classes and majors. The two days consist of varied activities for each person. The main reason for academic advising is meeting an advisor; as for me, I meet with an advisor in the nursing department. My advisor helps me figure out what classes to take for the upcoming semester and assures that I am on the right track to graduate in May 2017.

Ways to spend academic advising:

  • Meet with an advisor
  • SLEEP in
  • Catch up on homework
  • TRY to get ahead on homework
  • Hang out with friends
  • Watch movies
  • Play tennis
  • 1:1s 
 I don't know these people; I just got it from Calvin's website. 

I don't know these people; I just got it from Calvin's website. 

I've mentioned about some ways to spend Academic Advising, but this academic advising is much different than the past two years (4 semesters). Since I am in the nursing program, the professors email us the classes we need to take. With this, I just decide which sections and clinicals I want to be in. Next semester, I will be in OB and Peds! Even though I know what classes to take, I still had to meet with my advisor to make sure that I am on the right track. My advising took about 5 minutes. Normally, advising takes at least 15 minutes. It was nice to finish academic advising a week early. Now all I had to do was register for classes for next semester. 

Academic advising was November 3-4 this year. Those two days are a time of advising and a time to have 1:1s, figure out classes and catch up on homework. In reality, the two days of academic advising were the compete opposite of study sessions. Why, you ask? The weather!

The weather was entirely beautiful in Grand Rapids for November. The sun was up whilst the temperature was in the 70s! It was a wonderful two days to enjoy the sun outside our dorms. I found myself outside more than past beautiful days in Michigan during academic advising. I decided to play tennis. It was the perfect weather to play tennis. I enjoyed being on the courts after such a long time of not playing. During the games, I definitely needed to get myself back on the game. In the end, whether I played well or not, it was a blessing to be on the court and to have beautiful weather alongside it.