Kurt Delos Trino


Can I get my classes?

One of the frustrations about being a Calvin student, is registration. This is a time when everyone at Calvin registers for a classes for the next semester. Every single one has a day and time when they register for a class. During this time, we figure out the classes we need and we should be taking. The frustration is the process, but the truth is we all will get our classes. The schedule may not however be the one we exactly want, but we still get our class. We do not necessarily get our ideal schedule, but everything will be okay. 

The system I've heard is that based on your year. If you are a senior, you will be one of the first ones to registers. If you are a freshman, then you will more likely to register last. However, that is NOT the only system. One thing we have to keep in mind is that in every class year, there are at least 800 students. Not every single one of us register at the same time, so Calvin has a system to assure that everyone has a fair chance to register. From what I've heard, the registrar draws a letter from a hat or a system. The letter they draw out will be the starting letter of last names to register. 

Going back to the question: YES, we do get our classes. It may not be the ideal schedule, but everything always works out.