Advice for Freshman

Vlog #14

In this week's vlog I interview two of my favorite professors Risner and DuBois. We go over some questions that apply to incoming freshman. Hope you enjoy!

Off-Campus Study Spots!

Vlog #13

In this vlog, I bring you to a few of my favorite coffee shops around town. These places are great for studying and have good food! Thanks for watching and let me know if you have an all-time favorite study spot in Grand Rapids in the comments!

The Fieldhouse

Vlog #12

Welcome back to the vlog! This week I wanted to show you guys a very important asset that Calvin College has: the Fieldhouse. That's right! We've got everything from a pool to a rock wall (all free for Calvin students!). Check out this week's vlog for an inside look into the Spoelhof Fieldhouse Complex.

The Rivalry

Vlog #11

Welcome to this week's vlog—a short and sweet one on the rivalry between Calvin and Hope. The basketball games are legendary and a must see! Hope you enjoy the footage. 


VLOG #10

Welcome back to this week's vlog! In this vlog I showcase Calvin's interim and share some awesome pictures that students took over their interims. Calvin offers a wide variety of classes for interim every year.

Christmas Edition

Vlog #9

It is the week of finals and many are studying very hard. Pastor Mary and I decided to lighten up the campus with a little Christmas spirit. Hope you enjoy!

Home and Final Prep

Vlog #8

Yo yo yo! This week has been extremely busy with final exams coming up. I kick off this vlog at my house during a break between studying. Later in the day, I travel back to Calvin to attend a music review session and study more. This week features some good winter drone footage and a cute puppy to alleviate the inevitable exam stress. Hope you enjoy!


Internship Opportunities and Dorm Christmas Party

Vlog #7

This vlog starts with a showcase of my Tuesday morning. I go for a run, attend my history class and end the afternoon with some real talk about the importance of internships while at Calvin. Saturday night we had a floor Christmas party, and we watched "Elf"! Hope everyone is having a great week!

Food and Food!

Vlog #6

Hey guys! This week I become a self-proclaimed Foodie. First, I'll show you the awesome Thanksgiving dinner that was held at Calvin. Later in the week, I visit Yesterdog - a popular hotdog shop in East Grand Rapids. Hope you enjoy!

Cement City & the Super Moon

This week's vlog is up and and ready for your viewing! I recently moved the vlog from around 8 minutes down to 5 so that it would be more crisp and to the point. Let me know what you think. This week, I went up to Big Rapids to explore a crazy abandoned cement city. Later on in the night, I took my camcorder out to catch the moon in all its beauty. Thanks for watching!

Chapel & Dr. Strange

Vlog #4, coming at ya! This week I went and saw an awesome movie, and I show you what chapel at Calvin College is all about. Thanks for watching :) 

Study Spots & Dorm Basements

Vlog #3 is out for the viewing! This week, I had to write many essays, so I wanted to show you guys some solid spots to study on Calvin. The second part of the vlog is a comprehensive review of the basement in my dorm. Hope you enjoy!

Midterms and Real Talk

Yo, Dario here, back with another vlog. This week, you will see I had the help of my good friend Phantom 4 with some aerial shots. I talk about midterms, FYS (you'll see) and some real talk at the end about WHY I came to Calvin College. Share this and spread the word! #good

VACUUMING 101 & ArtPrize

Hey guys, 

My name is Dario Lirio. This year I will be giving you an inside look at Calvin College through the eyes of a student. I will be releasing a new vlog every week for you to check out. This week's vlog features life in dorms, college classes and exploring ArtPrize. I hope you enjoy it!