Dana Drosdick

Dana Drosdick
Digital Communications and Spanish
Ballston Spa, New York

3. Good-byes To Grand Rapids


To Grand Rapids,

Thank you for being such a cool and funky city in which I’m constantly blessed to live. Before I visited Calvin, I thought the only things in Michigan were car dealerships and Detroit. I was so reluctant to go to a college in a 'middle-of-nowhere' town.

However, you are not that in the slightest. You are a beautiful town with even more beautiful people. Everyone I’ve met in Grand Rapids is overwhelmingly kind and generous, and it’s encouraging to see God working in so many people in this city.


I will miss your many hipster coffee shops and ethnic cuisine. I will miss ice skating in Rosa Parks Circle and grabbing froyo at Spoonlickers (the most amazing froyo place in the world). I’ll miss the Downtown Market, with its artisan ice cream, authentic tacos and delicious bubble tea. I’ll miss all the cheap food you provide, from Wolfgang’s breakfast special to The Pita House.

I’m so proud of the city of Grand Rapids and all that is in it. I can’t wait to come back in nine months and see the green sign with the words ‘Grand Rapids Exit’ beckoning me home.


A converted Michigan-lover,