Dana Drosdick

Dana Drosdick
Digital Communications and Spanish
Ballston Spa, New York

3. Fall Faves: Colorful Leaves


I still remember waking up in late September and noticing, for the first time, bits of red creeping across the trees outside my window. Soon enough, the leaves transformed from red to orange to finally yellow. Crunchy leaves littered the ground, which I stomped on with my black buckled boots to hear the sudden snap underneath my feet


Every fall I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to live on a campus with so many trees. Nothing signifies the changing of seasons more than the leaves on the trees. In a sense, I identify deeply with the leaves as they go through their seasons. The older I get, the more different I become from who I once was. Parts of me bloom, while other parts of me change and die. Aspects of my personality come and go; this is neither good nor bad, but rather an inevitable factor of life.

The leaves also remind to enjoy the season I am in. Soon enough, spring will come and new leaves will grow.  However, the leaves I have now are just as beautiful as the leaves to come. There is so much God has in store for my future that I don’t know about yet. While sometimes I just want to peek ahead at the next chapter, fall teaches me to be content in the beauty of the here and now.