Dana Drosdick

Dana Drosdick
Digital Communications and Spanish
Ballston Spa, New York

Honors Floor: 5. The Community

In living on the honors floor, I have been blessed to find an amazing group of friends I can go to for help, no matter what the issue is. I love the people here and I love the floor. However, not everyone at Calvin sees the honors floor in the same way I do. Whenever I tell people I’m on the honors floor, I typically get one of two responses:

1.     “Oh you must be so smart!”

2.     “Isn’t your floor, like, weird and cliquey?”

I tried, and continue to try, my hardest to dispel both these myths. Yes, I am on the honors floor. No, that doesn’t mean I’m smarter than you. I make mistakes just like everyone else. I struggle with studying and keeping up with classwork. I get lazy and watch Netflix every once in a while.

As a whole, we do a lot of stupid stuff, too. We’re not on this floor because we’re smart, but because we’re passionate. Each person on the floor has their own personal niche that they bring to the floor. It’s not about what you know or what your grades are; it’s about your thirst to learn and grow as an individual.

With regards to the clique-y stereotype surrounding the honors floor, this simultaneously is and isn’t true. We do spend a lot (probably the majority) of our time together. However, that doesn’t make us anti-social. That makes us a) extremely distant from everyone else on campus and b) extremely lucky to have found such a positive community all on the same floor.  

Say what you will about the honors floor, but don’t judge it until you get to know the unique people here. After getting to know the people on 3rd vR, I guarantee that you’ll understand why we spend so much time together, and why we love 3rd vR best of all.